A rubber forest
is a plantation

A rubber forest is a plantation with tall and imposing leafy trees

with tall and imposing leafy trees

That shelter many species of fauna and flora. They also provide work to many people due to their high need for labor. Every rubber tree, with a life span of +40 years, is tapped on average once every week. Thanks to its physiological characteristics, the tree provides the latex or cup lumps from the sucrose generated by the trees leaves which is used to produce everyday products like tires, gloves, balloons, and even latex beds and pillows, to name a few. An average plantation of 45 hectares can provide work for up to 20 people who have a direct impact on their families.


Grupo Fortaleza's rubber plantations with over 10,000 hectares, which are FSC certified, focused on sustainability that add economic, environmental, and social value to the regional economy. In the environmental part, the plantations of Grupo Fortaleza have protected areas where endemic fauna and flora of the region are housed. In the social area, they focus on adding value to the communities that surround the plantations by providing education, drinking water, health, and wellness.