Our Brand is derived from the name of the plant (Hevea Brasiliensis) which gives it raw material in order to produce our natural rubber products. Our unique sustainable manufacturing of natural rubber lets us bring to the table natural, innovative world class sleep & rest products.


Frecuent asked


Short answer, YES. Spot wash Works best, only in the desired areas with as little water as possible to ensure there´s no humidity residue (smell and discoloration) Warm water, mild soap, dry in a spot out of direct sunlight.

NO, memory foam is a chemical product. Our natural sustainable rubber comes from a plant and our Brand has many international certifications that allow us to market its benefits like sustainability, chemical free, durable, comfortable, ventilated, healthy, etc.

Our products come out of the production plant as natural rubber foam products, they do have a faint smell of the transformation, we can ensure that it´s not long lasting usually faints out before reaching customers but if you have a keen sense of smell and don´t like ut our solution is to pour a drop of essential oil in the Edge of the cotton cover, so that you sleep with the smell of your favorite essential oil.

Yes, you can, we can make your mattress higher with the installment of a pillow top or topper, that you can customize in firmness and height, 1, 2 or 3 inches.